Drum Auction


In 2015, YVRAF held a special fundraising event featuring 18 elk-hide drums with unique designs from BC and Yukon First Nations artists. The drums were auctioned off to YVRAF supporters from across the globe and all funds raised through the Drum Auction went to supporting YVRAF and the scholarship and funding opportunities for BC and Yukon First Nations artists.

Participating artists include Sonny Assu, Stan Bevan, Dempsey Bob, Brenda Crabtree, Reg Davidson, Dean Heron, Eugene Hunt, Laura Wee Lay Laq, Chazz Mack, Latham Mack, Ken McNeil, Edwin Neel, Arlene Ness, Luke Parnell, Tamara Skubovious, Connie Watts, Xwalacktun (Rick Harry) and Beau Dick.


2015 Scholarship Awards Event


2016 Scholarship Awards Event