“Made from thigh spun merino wool and cedar and woven on traditional Chilkat hanging loom. The traditional yellow and blue colours were used to match another piece of artwork for whom my piece is going to be gifted to.  The design of a spirit eye were created to be the main focal point of this piece. The eye’s hold  the knowledge of the past, the understanding of the present and hope for the future.

The split U’s were placed in the cuffs to represent Killerwhale fin’s which is my crest. It  incorporates a story of where I have come from. The two circles represents myself and who  these cuffs belong to. These cuffs were made to show our two journeys coming together, the spirit eyes watching over the wearer of the cuffs, to give this person the strength to continue their journey with the understanding of the past, and present so there will be no fear of what  the future holds.

These cuffs will be given to someone that has been a strong supporter of my journey, and has  given me the strength to follow my heart, given me knowledge of where I came from and the  guidance so I can move forward as an artist.”

– Tina Robinson