“This piece depicts the mythological being called Bukwus by many along the northwest coast. I really felt strongly about sharing this piece depicting this mythological being because it comes with a powerful message we all in humanity can relate to and, in part, I am able to share some of my own personal story.

The Bukwus, to us as First Nations peoples, is someone who has become possessed by forces beyond our control and has become so separated from their own humanity that they become wild, filled with an insatiable hunger. In the old times, this would have happened to someone perhaps becoming lost or cast deep into the forest, however, I can think of things we face in modern times that cause us to become possessed and also separate so far from our own humanity that we hardly recognize ourselves if we aren’t mindful of our path in life.

Things that come to mind are things such as drug addiction, alcoholism, greed, desensitization, isolation, and things such as this. I have lost many dear friends and family in life which reminds me of the connection this being still has to this day. The Bukwus is a reminder of what we all, as human beings, have the potential of becoming if we choose the wrong path in life.”

– Joshua Watts