Artist Statement

Kashan Tlet was a young boy, who was loved by a very wise and knowledgeable Creek Woman, named Tawchalla. Each summer Kashan Tlet would look forward to summertime with Tawchalla, spending their days on the banks of Klukshu Creek, which flows into the Tatshenshini River. Kashan Tlet appreciatively remembers when Tawchalla had him bring in his first King Salmon, and proudly instructed him to walk about Klukshu village showing his first catch, which was nearly the same size of the boy!  

As time went on, and they both grew older, Creek Woman would pass on the stories of her salmon relatives, love for the land, and passion for artistry, to the young man. Kashan Tlet remembers the long nights spent at her sewing tables, the excitement of craft sales being her model trying on her many creations made of trapped furs and home tanned skins. 

On March 28th, 2021, during the creation of this piece, Jared (Kashan Tlet) suddenly lost his Great-Grandmother Sadie Brown (Tawchalla). Sadie was a member of the Champange Aishihik First Nation and was born in the Village of Hutchi, near Haines Junction, Yukon. Sadie played a major role in Jared’s life, and became the drive and influence behind this piece.

– Jared Kane