2021 Scholarship Recipients Exhibiting at Museum of Vancouver in Spirit Journeys

January 18, 2023

Opening January 26, 2023

We partnered with the Museum of Vancouver this year to celebrate the 2021 Emerging and Mid-Career Artist Scholarship recipients in Spirit Journeys: Walking with Resilience, Wellbeing, and Respect, which opens on January 26, 2023. Through the YVR Art Foundation Scholarship Program, these artists continued their studies or worked with mentors to expand their personal knowledge of Indigenous art and design.

About the Spirit Journeys
Connection to territorial lands and waters, and the plant and animal beings inhabiting such spaces, is a common thread uniting many of the artworks in this exhibition. The pieces invoke a form of Indigenous memory and identity as written on the land, body, or spirit. Some explore contemporary life through the lens of protection and resilience – the ability to challenge, or overcome, the destructive processes inherent to the colonial experience in Canada. Others explore the ongoing relevance of ancestral teachings in daily life.

Visit the MOV website to learn more about this exhibition and the participating artists.

Note that self-identifying Indigenous people have free admission to the museum at all times.